5 Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic for Health

The benefits of eating raw garlic can lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, prevent cancer day, improve the immune system, and lower blood sugar levels. Garlic belongs to the genus Allium and is often used in cuisine. In addition, garlic also contains a number of benefits for the health, especially if consumed raw. Raw garlic will cause a distinctive aroma and the taste is quite spicy bitter. Refer to the book For the Love of Garlic: The Complete Guide to Garlic Cuisine, component allicin found in raw garlic. This compound is produced once the garlic is chopped or crushed. 

Allicin has the effect of antimicrobial better for the digestion of food and human health. Raw garlic is also an antibiotic which is able to fight fungal infections with antibacterial and antiviral effect. Protein: 0,57 g. Total lipid (fat): 0.04 g. Carbohydrates: 2,98 g. Energy: 13,41 kcal. Sugar: to 0.09 g. Fiber: 0,19 g. Calcium: 16,29 mg. Iron: 0.15 mg. Magnesium: 2.25 mg. Phosphorus: 13.77 mg. Potassium: 36,09 mg. Sodium: 1,53 mg. Zinc: 0.1 mg. Copper: 0.03 mg. Manganese: 0.15 mg. Selenium: 1,28 mcg. The benefits of Eating Raw Garlic for Health The benefits of eating raw garlic for health are as follows. 1. Lower cholesterol Benefits of eating raw garlic is able to lower cholesterol. Based on the research in the International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health, a group of participants who ate three grams of raw onion decreased cholesterol. The participants consumed three grams of raw onion daily for 90 days. As a result, cholesterol decreased by 10-13%. 

The researchers concluded that the benefits of raw garlic for cholesterol derived from the content of allicin, which is produced when chewed or bitten. Allicin acts to inhibit the enzymes that produce cholesterol. 2. Lowering high blood pressure Eating raw garlic are proven to reduce high blood pressure or hypertension. A research in Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Science suggests that eating raw garlic can lower blood pressure systolic and diastolic. 

Garlic can help reduce blood pressure by preventing the production of angiotensin II, increase the availability of nitric oxide, or increase the production of hydrogen sulfide. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidants can also help decrease blood pressure. 3. Prevent liver cancer Eating raw garlic is beneficial to prevent cancer of the liver. The findings were published in the journal Nutrients. In 2019, researchers from the University of California test whether the raw garlic can affect the liver cancer. The research was conducted in Jiangsu, China, from 2003 to 2010, where a total of 2011 patients of liver cancer and 7933 control population selected randomly documented. Researchers found that the intake of raw garlic twice or more per week may have a preventive effect on liver cancer. 4. Improves the immune system of Eating garlic can increase the number of T cells that fight the virus in Your blood stream. This is important because colds and flu are caused by viruses. University of Florida researchers report in the journal Clinical Nutrition in 2012 that taking garlic extract can reduce the severity of symptoms of colds and flu and the symptoms disappear more quickly. The immune system is increased after eating raw garlic can help prevent the Corona virus. 

According to research by the year 2020 in the journal Medical Hypotheses, eating garlic could potentially prevent the infection of COVID-19 by increasing the cells of the immune system and to suppress the production and secretion of proinflammatory cytokines as well as the hormone leptin derived from adipose tissue, which are proinflammatory. 5. Lowers blood sugar levels Lower blood sugar levels is one of the benefits of eating raw garlic. According to studies by the American Society for Nutrition, eating raw garlic can help reduce blood sugar levels, as well as reducing the risk of atherosclerosis. Carbohydrates tend to be metabolized very quickly and cause blood sugar levels to rise. Eating raw garlic make sure that the carbohydrates are metabolized in the speed of a regular basis. Can eat garlic raw every day? Quote Healthline, eat raw garlic every day is allowed. Recommended to consume within 1-2 cloves per day. Reduce your intake of raw garlic if You experience side effects, such as heartburn, acid reflux, or increased bleeding.

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