6 Australian Foods You Must Try

Enjoy amazingly fresh Australian produce as you explore the country.

Avocados on Toast

Avocados are a very popular ingredient for breakfast in Australia, and are especially popular when people eat breakfast outside (something Australians do with great enthusiasm). This dish is a truly delicious local dish, consisting of mashed (or sometimes "crushed") avocado, served on one, two, or even three slices of crusty toast. This dish is also known as "avo smash" and is served in a variety of ways. You'll likely find it mixed with feta cheese, sprinkled with sesame seeds and sea salt, or drizzled with pure olive oil (or all three, as served at the FolkByron Bay cafe). In addition, it can also be served with a hard-boiled egg or even with black sesame and beetroot hummus on top, like the one at SingleO cafe in Sydney. This is a must try dish when visiting Australia.

Smoked Pork and Egg Rolls

Eating bacon and eggs for breakfast may be a British tradition, but in Australia this dish has turned into a popular morning snack, served on a roll with tomato sauce. Every city in Australia offers this local dish, but different cultures bring out their own creative mixes, such as caramelized onions and fresh tomatoes served at an Australian-Italian cafe in Contessa, Sydney, or rolls filled with bacon, fried eggs, and Vietnamese-inspired cucumbers at Luxsmith in Melbourne. With freshly baked bread almost always available in popular cafes (it's becoming increasingly common for cafes to bake their own bread), you may also find your order of bacon and eggs served on artisan rolls, stuffed with seeds or sprinkled with seeds. on.


Taken apart, the lamington is really just a box of sponge cake, a little chocolate sauce, and desiccated coconut. However, when the three ingredients are combined, the taste is much more delicious than if they were enjoyed separately. This delicious and much-loved local dish is considered by many to be Australia's national cake, and can be found in nearby bakeries and trendy cafes. You can also look for it in the food market. You'll find most of these snacks served as is, but some Australians prefer it filled with jam and cream in the middle. Australia is currently obsessed with all things salted caramel as well as the popular salted caramel lamington, the sweet treat you'll find at the popular pop-up dessert stall in Brisbane's Reid Street Kitchen.

Super Fresh Sea Food

When it comes to seafood, Australians like to keep it simple. It's easy to find buckets of cold cooked prawns offered on the menu as a "bucket of prawns". Served with a cold glass of white wine or beer, this dish is a popular snack in pubs across Australia. Fresh local oysters are also offered on most menus at restaurants close to the ocean, seek out this delectable dish from Coffin Bay in South Australia, and be sure to try Sydney's much-loved rock oyster on a visit to Harbor City. Also look for barramundi on the menu. This dense whitefish with a snapper-like taste is very popular in Australia, especially in Darwin, where it can be caught in the morning and served for lunch. Also, try to find locally farmed Atlantic salmon and sea trout. This Tasmanian specialty is the highlight of any Down Under gourmet trip. Local tip: You'll find the food on restaurant menus across Australia, but for a taste of it all, head to Sydney Fish Markets.

Modern Meat Pie

A pastry filled with minced or diced meat with a creamy sauce, the once-simple meat pie has been a part of working-class Australian history for decades. Traditionally made of beef topped with tomato sauce, this quick take-away snack can be found at gas stations and convenience stores across Australia. However, Australia's love of this snack has led to countless modern variations of the classic. Local patisserie, found in almost every region of Australia, usually offer several types of meat pies. Types can include anything from the classic beef and gravy, to cream clam pie, lamb leg pie, or vegetable curry pie. At Sydney's delightful Bourke Street Bakery, you'll also find more complex recipes, for a taste of something different try the creations with chicken, sweet potatoes, peas and pickled oranges.

Salt and pepper squid

Thanks to Australia's multicultural community, cuisine from around the world has been given a distinctly Australian twist and accepted as our own cuisine. In the case of salt and pepper squid, for example, a traditional Vietnamese dish of simple, spiced fried seafood now found across Australia in beerhouses, regional pubs, beachside takeout stalls and city eateries. This delectable dish is served in many ways, for example, with a salad and fried sweet potato wedges, or a dip with a dash of chili, lemon, and served with rice, but is equally loved throughout the country. Try this dish at Joe's Fish Shack in Fremantle, Western Australia, where all the seafood, including the crumbled and hand-cut version of the salt and pepper squid at Joe's, is picked straight from the water to be brought to its seaside kitchen.

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