Variety of Spices in European Cuisine

European cuisine is famous for its soft and not too sharp taste. In every delicacy, there must be a secret ingredient role that accompanies it. European cuisine usually uses onions and garlic as the basic ingredients, then peppers and peppers for a spicy taste. Want to know the secret spices of European cuisine, let's look at the following review.


European cuisine, which has a characteristic light aroma, is actually created from this one onion stir-fry. You can see it on television cooking shows, when practicing European cooking, onions always take part in the first stir.


While Indonesian cuisine uses chilies to create a spicy taste, European cuisine has paprika. Paprika has various color variants, you know, ranging from red, yellow and green and each has a different level of spicyness.


You may often find oregano as a topping for pizza, spaghetti and pasta. Oregano leaves at first glance similar to basil leaves but smaller. The taste tends to be bitter, but produces a better aroma when it is powdered. That's why, most Europeans use oregano in powder form. In addition, oregano turns out to have benefits for overcoming indigestion, relieve migraines and as an antiseptic.


In addition to being an ornamental plant and medicinal plant to reduce headaches, rosemary is also a mainstay of European cuisine, you know. If you have a problem with the musty, fishy smell of cooking goat, duck, fish and turkey, rosemary is the answer. It is guaranteed that the stale and fishy smell of cooking will disappear instantly.

Mint leaves

The menthol compound in mint leaves gives it a cooling and refreshing taste. That is why, mint leaves are often added to salad dishes, tea fragrances and various cold drinks.

Now you don't need to be confused anymore if you want to try European-style recipes. Because, these spices are already available in various supermarkets in Indonesia. Good luck, I hope it's useful.

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