Optima and Weistec build the best overlanding Rivian R1T and R1S

It's this year again - SEMA kicks off next Tuesday and we'll be treated to some of the wildest creations the automotive world has seen so far. Electric cars don't shy away from the limelight - on the contrary, they become the center of attention.

Optima Batteries enlisted the help of Weistec Engineering and its EV-focused subsidiary, Direct Current Engineering (DCE) and together they produced a pair of arguably the best land-based electric vehicles – at least for now. They had chosen the Rivian R1T and Rivian R1S and went to town with the two.

There are very few technical details about the car but the teaser images are enough to realize this isn't a pony - it's a serious offroad tool capable of traversing the desert without a problem. How about reach? Well, Optima, as a battery company and all, thought about that too.

Let's start with the smallest but most important member of the team - Optima Power Station. Yes, Optima is thinking about the range of electric cars, especially electric cars that are loaded with a lot of equipment and driving in harsh environments - no chance of getting anywhere near the EPA range and no DC charging stations in the Sahara.

That's why Otima came up with its own Power Station - a Level 2 charger on wheels. According to the company, it gives the electric overlander "unprecedented range capability", it has 12V, 110V, and 220V outlets to power almost anything an adventurer can think of. The Power Station has an air compressor, electric stove, stereo and camping lights. Most notable are the exposed solar panels that recharge the trailer batteries during the day.

With enough range to cross continents, thanks to its own Power Generation, the Rivian R1T can now continue its business in the face of almost any obstacle. Sitting distinctly at least 10 inches taller than the standard vehicle, the R1T rides on off-road wheels and BFGoodrich tires. The front and rear bumpers are heavy-duty items, the rear one holds the spare wheel in the swing arm and there's room for spare water.

The side protection is most likely carried to the underbody and is equipped with spotlights, we only get a glimpse of the large winch at the front. The roof rack carries the folding tent from ROAM Adventure. The traction board is strapped to the side and the display features a front LED light bar and hood-mounted search light.

The Rivian R1S has the same equipment - heavy-duty bumpers and side guards, wheel and tire combo, winch and lights. Thanks to its much larger roof rack, this tent gets a much larger tent from Australian outback specialist - Camp King Industries.

What a combination - perhaps the best electric off-road vehicle, professionally converted to a land engine and coupled with their own power supply. In this crazy world where people buy $100,000+ electric trucks in a matter of hours without even seeing them, Optima and DCE found a gold mine. Although the two Rivians are only intended for SEMA as a show car, rest assured that these spare parts will be available to the public soon.

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