Nigel Slater's recipe for tomato and ginger pork steak is juicy pork in a sizzling hot sauce

Put 300g of small tomatoes that have been mixed into a blender or food processor.

Place 1 tablespoon of yellow mustard seeds in a shallow pan and fry, covered with a lid, for a minute or two until they start to crackle and crackle. Remove from the heat and pour into the blender along with the tomatoes.

Peel 50g of fresh ginger, then chop it roughly and add it to the tomatoes. Remove the leaves from 25g of basil and add them to the tomatoes as well.

Pour in 5 tablespoons of olive oil, then grind all the ingredients to a sloppy paste. Taste and season with a little salt and black pepper and set aside.

Heat a griddle over medium to high heat, lightly oil and season 2 large pork steaks (about 180g each), then place on the hot griddle to cook. Press the chops firmly against the pan as they cook, leaving them in place for about 4 minutes. Flip and cook the other side.

Meanwhile, heat the tomato and ginger paste in a small saucepan, stirring in half a teaspoon of caster sugar. Cut the pork into finger-thick chunks, then toss it into the tomato sauce and serve. Enough for 2

The exact time to cook your pork chops will depend on the thickness of the steak and the heat of your skillet, but it shouldn't take more than 6 or 7 minutes. I like to press the meat against the pan with a palette knife as it cooks or put some weight on it, like any other skillet. The faster you cook the meat, the juicier it will be.

   As a side, you might want to serve some stir-fried potatoes or a pile of buttery, wide noodles.

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