Explore 8 Unique Culinary Typical of Native Americans

Many of you may know American food not far from what is sold in fast food restaurants. In fact, this country actually has a special culinary taste that is savory. What are some typical Native American foods that tourists should try? Here are 8 culinary of them. Please take a look bro!

1. Wild Rice

In the Minnesota area, there are unique foods that locals usually eat. The culinary name is wild rice or wild rice. You can find this unique rice in cold weather areas.

This one dish is usually served with a mixture of cherry tomatoes and smoked salmon. The unique taste of wild rice makes this dish loved by the people of Minnesota. Trying these foods will certainly make your vacation moments in America feel more complete. Don't forget to try it bro!

2. Bison

Bison meat is known to be one of the most sought after protein foods in America. This culinary initially became the main meal of Americans before beef became popular. Its delicious taste will make you interested in trying it many times.

In America, you can find restaurants that serve bison main menu easily. When visiting the California area, tourists can eat food made from bison at the Werocomo restaurant. In addition, there is also a Tocabe restaurant that serves a variety of bison menus in Colorado.

3. Fried Bread

Fried bread is said to have been consumed by Americans for a long time. The popularity of fried bread makes this food easy to find in various parts of America. This fried bread was originally served as a complement to the main meal.

Over time, fried bread is finally more often used as the main ingredient in the manufacture of a number of foods. You can find this food in the form of taco shells, burger buns, and salad accompaniments. That's a lot, bro?

4. Honey

This popular food has long been enjoyed by the world's citizens since thousands of years ago. Honey has also long been consumed by Native Americans. Referring to the customs that they believe, honey is safe to use as a sweetener in everyday life. Very unique, right?

An example of a community group that often adds honey to their daily diet is the Iowa tribe who live in Kansas and Nebraska. They reportedly often mix honey with almonds, strawberries, cream, and blueberries. Their latest production at this time is a lipbalm made from beewax

5. Wild Salmon

In the Pacific Northwest, this dish is a major source of protein for the local community. Those who used to hunt wild salmon in Washington were the Nisqually Tribe. Besides being nutritious, this fish is also considered to offer a delicious and savory taste.

The people of the Nisqually tribe reportedly hunt this fish in the traditional way, namely catching it by hand. After being caught, the fish, which are still fresh or frozen, are then sold to the surrounding area. The delicacy of this food is certainly not to be missed by tourists who are traveling to America.

6. Nuts

Although hukan originated in America, beans are one of the staple foods in this country. Based on the information presented by Food Beast, Native American beans are made by Ramona Farms. They reportedly planted in the Arizona area.

Roman Farm produces a wide variety of beans, from Kalvash garbanzo beans to Heirloom White Tepary Beans. The beans are reportedly grown without using chemicals. How cool is that bro?

7. Sweet potato

Unlike sweet potatoes in general, American sweet potatoes have a different and tempting appearance. Uniquely, the process of making American sweet potatoes is fairly easy, namely boiled and fried. If you are traveling to America, it is recommended that you eat sweet potatoes at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass in the Phoenix area.

Today, sweet potatoes are often served as a side dish in restaurants in America. Tasting it will certainly make your holiday moments feel more colorful. American sweet potato certainly deserves a culinary enthusiast to try.

8. Maize

Residents of Indian tribes reportedly often consume Maize in their daily lives. The name Maize has also begun to be known by the Californian public through dishes from Mexico. Most of the American Indian community also uses corn as a complement to various types of well-known foods.

In America, you can find corn plantations stretching to the West. Examples of American tribes who like to eat corn are Ponca, Cherokee, and Omaha. They often combine corn with various types of other menus.

Thus 8 unique foods that come from Native American tribes. You can find the foods above in food stalls and restaurants in the United States. Trying out the eight culinary delights above can certainly be an exciting activity to do during the holidays.

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