Arroz con leche

Arroz con leche is a dessert that originates from Spain. However, this rice pudding can be found throughout Latin American countries with various versions and variations.

This food is made from a mixture of water, sugar, rice, cow's milk, and evaporated milk. The variations used include adding flavor by giving cinnamon powder, pieces of lemon peel, pieces of orange peel, coconut, coffee or other additions. Hmm, delicious!


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  • 7 cups water
  • 1 cup long grain white rice
  • One 4-inch cinnamon stick
  • One 12-ounce can evaporated milk
  • One 14-ounce can condensed milk
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 3/4 cup golden raisins
  • Ground cinnamon, for dusting

Arroz Con Leche: Step By Step

Making this rice pudding couldn't be easier. It's really only four steps!

Step 1: Cover the rice with either water (or for a more creamy version, with milk) and bring to a simmer along with the cinnamon stick and lemon rind.

Step 2: When the liquid is almost fully absorbed, add more milk to cover the rice again. Keep simmering and stirring, adding more milk every time the rice gets dry.

Step 3: When you've added almost the full liter, start to taste the rice. You want it fully cooked, but some people like it a little more firm than others. It's a matter of preference.

Step 4: When it's to your liking, take it off the heat. Add a pinch of salt, a dash of cinnamon, and add the sugar little by little until it's the perfect sweetness for you. Enjoy your pudding warm or chill it in the fridge in small serving dishes for a couple of hours and eat it cold.

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