Uhm Jung Hwa's Stylish Style, Cast in the Netflix Series 'Doctor Cha'

The Netflix Korean drama series 'Doctor Cha' has recently been quite popular and has achieved high ratings. This medical drama that is packaged in comedy has attracted public attention thanks to the storyline and acting of the players.

Uhm Jung Hwa, who plays Doctor Cha in this series, is in the spotlight of Drakor fans. This 53-year-old actress and singer has a different style from her drama style. What was Doctor Cha's original style outside of the series? Check it out below, Bela!

1. Unlike her appearance as a doctor in the drama, Uhm Jung Hwa's edgy original style combines a leather crop jacket and double waisted trouser. Super stylish!

2. Posing in an elegant style, Uhm Jung Hwa appeared bold in a dress with low cleavage.

3. V-neck dresses seem to be Uhm Jung Hwa's favorite to look glamorous. She looks stunning in a long black dress with a slit that shows off her thighs.

4. For a casual appearance, Uhm Jung Hwa wore a white shirt, black pants, sneakers and a matching hat.

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